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Our Purpose

Busy IPSIDD therapists and nurse practitioners are just that – busy.
They prefer to focus fully on what they do best – care for the deserving individuals on their case loads. And yet – behind the scenes orchestration and document management is crucial. Our mission is to make it look easy to juggle outreach, the intake procedure, OnBoarding and service delivery. We are in the business of keeping you in business!

Our Services

IPSIDD Approval Advice

Are you a skilled therapist desiring to apply for IPSIDD approval? We offer consultation and guidance on getting prepped.
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Full Office Management Services/Office Support

Are you a busy IPSIDD therapist needing office support? Our skilled and efficient Site Coordinators are here with the solution! Paperwork packets; staffing; Follow-Up & Satisfaction Surveys.
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PLLC Consultation

Do you own, or want to own your professional group to provide services to the DD population? We offer consultation and guidance on ensuring that your PLLC is in tip top shape to do just that. From filing Articles of Corporation to being registered and published and launching your own billing claims ETIN and PTAN.
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